Industrial / Organizational Psychology
PsychologyThe College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Current Masters Students

Student Representatives:

(Please contact with questions!)

 Veronica Passarelli

  Veronica Passarelli

Research interests: Creativity, motivation, and multiteam systems

 Karyn Warner

Karyn Warner

Research interests: Hiring, selection, and work-life balance

 Kayla Pomeranz

 Kayla Pomeranz

Research interests: Employee-job fit, creativity in the workplace, and leadership development



Tim Burgoyne Timothy Burgoyne

Research interests: Leadership, creativity, motivation, and decision-making


 Yingyi Chang Yingyi Chang

Research interests: Diversity and cross-cultural differences


Christian Dobbins Christian Dobbins

Research interests: Leadership development, employee selection, and team effectiveness with a focus in cross-cultural contexts


Malyn Pope Malyn Pope

Research interests: Barriers to women and minorities in the workplace, situational impact on job performance, moods, and emotion


Sam Robinson Sam Robinson

Research interests: Work-life balance, leadership emergence, motivation, selection, and job satisfaction

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