Current Masters Students

Coordinator, MA program in IO Psychology, Dr. Lou Buffardi contact:
Coordinator, MA program in IO Psychology, Dr. Lou Buffardi contact:

Student Representatives:

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 Veronica Passarelli

  Veronica Passarelli

Research interests: Creativity, motivation, and multiteam systems

 Karyn Warner

Karyn Warner

Research interests: Hiring, selection, and work-life balance

 Kayla Pomeranz

 Kayla Pomeranz

Research interests: Employee-job fit, creativity in the workplace, and leadership development



Amani Amani Allen

Research interests: Staff selection and motivation


Tim Burgoyne Timothy Burgoyne

Research interests: Creativity, motivation, and selection


 Yingyi Chang Yingyi Chang

Research interests: Diversity and cross-cultural differences


Haixin Haixin Chen

Research interests: Leadership, cross-cultural teamwork, and stress management


Christian Dobbins Christian Dobbins

Research interests: Team performance and leadership in contexts that involve time sensitivity, environmental dangers, and high degrees of uncertainty


Jenna Jenna Eagleson

Research interests: Exploring the use of mentorship, effective team building and relevant training programs to promote equality in leadership positions


Marjani Marjani Edwards

Research interests: Diversity, discrimination, and cross cultural interactions


Jalyn Jalyn Gatling

Research interests: Implementing strategies to aid with both conflict resolution as well as the overall productivity of the company


Katie Katie Guarino

Research interests: Job analysis, training, employee selection, and testing


Liz Liz Kuebler

Research interests: Examining occupational stress and organizational and team dynamics that influence mental health for personnel in high stress work environments, recruitment and selection methods, and resiliency, specifically as it relates to military personnel


Katelyn Katelyn McCoy

Research interests: Leadership development, teamwork and adaptability, and work-life balance


Cory Cory Moore

Research interests: Task performance, leadership, and creativity


Alex Alex Nydick


Mitchell Mitchell Pontikes

Research interests: Occupational stress, motivation, teamwork, and work-life balance


Malyn Pope Malyn Pope

Research interests: Barriers to women and minorities in the workplace, situational impact on job performance, moods, and emotion


Danielle Danielle Powers

Research interests: Personality-job alignment, unconscious bias around diversity in the workplace, and anything that touches on helping people find purpose (and happiness) at work


Sam Robinson Sam Robinson

Research interests: Workplace flexibility, leadership emergence, motivation, selection, and job satisfaction


Semret Semret Yibass

Research interests: Personality, measurement and within-person variability of personality, interplay between situation and personality, and cross-cultural differences