Current PhD Students

Martin Biskup Martin Biskup

Research interests: Narrative identity, motivation, and psychological well-being


Balca Bolunmez Balca Bolumnez

Research interests: Judgment and decision-making, job performance, cybersecurity incident response team effectiveness, and research methods


Ho Kwan Cheung Ho Kwan Cheung

Research interests: Diversity and discrimination in the workplace, occupational health psychology, and cross-cultural issues at work


Lydia Craig Lydia Craig

Research interests: Employee satisfaction, fulfillment, and emotions in the workplace


 Samantha Dubrow Samantha Dubrow

Research interests: Teams, multiteam systems, science of team science, decision making, and social network analysis


Laura Fletcher Laura Fletcher

Research interests: Cross-cultural issues, teams dynamics, networks, and communication/information sharing


Jennifer Green Jennifer Green

Research interests: Personality and research methods


Amber Hargrove Amber Hargrove

Research interests: Employee well-being, emotions at work, job attitudes, within-person methodologies, and individual and team performance in teams and multi-team systems


Linden Hughes Linden Hughes

Research interests: Counterproductive behavior, worker attitudes/emotions, decision-making, competence, and productivity


Kathleen Keeler Kathleen Keeler

Research interests: Statistics and research methods, occupational health psychology, and the consequences/outcomes of listening to music in the workplace


MaryJo Kolze MaryJo Kolze

Research interests: Leader development, leader identity, systems thinking, sport performance, team processes, and motivation


Wenmo Kong Wenmo Kong

Research interests: Employee performance, research methodology, and teamwork


Xue Lei Xue Lei

Research interests: Work motivation, emotions, employee well-being, occupational health psychology, and research methods


Hannah Markell Hannah Markell

Research interests: Methodology, work-family, discrimination, statistical analyses


Emily Medvin Emily Medvin


Ashley Membere Ashley Membere

Research interests: Workplace diversity and employee well-being


Heather Mullins Heather Mullins

Research interests: Emotion, sleep, selection, testing, measurement, and statistics


Kristin Repchick Kristin Repchick

Research interests: Occupational safety and health


Zitong Sheng Zitong Sheng

Research interests: Leadership, creativity, organizational citizenship behavior, counterproductive work behavior, and work-family issues


Daniel Shore Daniel Shore

Research interests: Statistical and meta analysis, teams, leadership, job performance, rewards and motivation, and decision making


Michael Shulman Michael Shulman

Research interests: Leadership and multiteam systems

Melissa Stiksma Melissa Stiksma

Research interests: Predictors of well-being in people's daily lives and psychological detachment from work


Alan Tomassetti Alan Tomassetti

Research interests: Discretionary problem solving in ill-defined social domains


Elisa Elisa Torres

Research interests: Leadership, organizational climate, and team dynamics


Carolyn Winslow Carolyn Winslow

Research interests: Strategies for enhancing employee emotions and psychological well-being


Carol Wong Carol Wong

Research interests: Emotions in the workplace, job stress and work-life balance


Ze Zhu Ze Zhu

Research interests: Occupational health, recovery, well-being, self-regulation and emotions