Leonard Dubovoy

Leonard Dubovoy

Leonard Dubovoy

Leadership, Personnel Selection, Publication Bias, Meta-analytic Methods

Leonard Dubovoy is a 2nd year master's student in the Industrial and Organizational (I/O) psychology program at George Mason University. He received a dual B.S. degree in Psychology and Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, VA, and has studied Japanese Language and Culture at Toyo University in Tokyo, Japan.

Before starting his M.A. in I/O psychology, Leonard worked with VCU business management professors' Frank Bosco, and Sven Kepes, on publication bias research, as well as the applications of metaBUS meta-analytic software for personnel selection. Since entering George Mason's I/O program, he has been a graduate researcher in Stephen Zaccaro's leadership lab, and Philseok Lee's Psychometrics & Individual Differences Lab.

Leonard is the co-director of Volunteer Program Assessment, a pro-bono consulting program that assesses and improves the effectiveness of non-profit organizations through online assessments, and has experience working as an Organizational Development intern at Honda R&D.

Current Research

Leadership Development Lab, Graduate Researcher                                        

Conducting cognitive interviews, and surveying expert and non-expert leaders in order to identify differences in the ways they are driven to self-development in the varying stages of their careers.

Psychometrics & Individual Differences Lab, Graduate Researcher                    

Evaluating personality faking measures and assessing personnel through Multidimensional Forced Choice (MFC) scoring. Analyzing job satisfaction through Second Order Growth Mixture Modeling (study findings accepted for poster presentation at Work, Stress and Health Conference 2019, in Philadelphia, PA).


B.S. Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

B.S. Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

International Student Exchange Program, Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan

Recent Presentations

Lei, X.*, Lee, P., Fyffe, S.*, Dubovoy, L.*, Zhou, Y.*, & Lam, N*. (2019, November). A new investigation of the stability of job satisfaction: An application of second-order growth mixture modeling. Poster to be presented at the 2019 Work, Stress, & Health Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Dubovoy, L., & Bosco, F. A. (2018, August). Practical applications of metaBUS for personnel selection. Paper presented at the International Personnel Assessment Council Conference, Alexandria, VA.

Bosco, F. A., Kepes, S., & Dubovoy, L. (2018, April). Testing key assumptions and robustness of meta-analytic publication bias analyses. In B. Wiernik (Chair), Improving the Accuracy and Utility of Meta-Analytic Inferences. Symposium conducted at the meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Chicago, IL.