Elisa M Torres

Elisa M Torres

Elisa M Torres

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Industrial and Organizational Psychology: leadership, team dynamics, and multiteam systems (MTSs)

Elisa Torres is a doctoral candidate in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology Program. She received her B.S. in Psychology and her B.B.A. in Management from Eastern Michigan University, and M.S. degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from San Diego State University. She is currently working under Dr. Stephen Zaccaro, where she is conducting research focusing on 1) leadership development, and 2) team dynamics, emergence, emergent states, and leadership within multiteam systems (MTS). Additionally, Elisa is currently a graduate research assistant on an Army Research Institute funded leadership development project led by Dr. Zaccaro. Prior to starting her doctoral education, she worked on several NIH funded projects examining organizational factors (including leadership, strategic climate and organizational citizenship behavior) that impact the implementation of evidence-based practices in allied health setting (e.g., mental health, child welfare, and substance abuse treatment).

Selected Publications

Torres, E. M., Wallace, D. M., Zaccaro, S. J., & Dubrow, S. (2021). Deconstructing action in multiteam systems: Development and test of the MTS action behavior inventory. Human Performance.

Wallace, D. M., Torres, E. M., & Zaccaro, S. J. (2021). Just what do we think we’re doing? The learning outcomes of leader and leadership development. Leadership Quarterly: Special Issue on 21st Century Leadership Development.  
Bannan, B., Torres, E. M., Purohit, H., Pandey, R., & Cockroft, J. L. (2020). Sensor-based adaptive instructional systems in live simulation training. In International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (pp. 3-14). Springer, Cham.
Torres, E. M., Seijo, C. K., & Ehrhart, M. E. (2020). Validation of a pragmatic measure of Implementation Citizenship Behavior in substance abuse treatment agencies. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 11, 47-53.

Zaccaro, S. J., Torres, E. M. +, Dubrow, S+. & Campbell, L. (2020). Multiteam systems: An integrative review and comparison of different forms. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology & Organizational Behavior, 7, 479-503.

+ indicates equal contribution

Farahnak, L. R., Ehrhart, M. G., Torres, E. M., & Aarons, G. A. (2020). The influence of transformational leadership and leader attitudes on subordinate attitudes and implementation success. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies 27(1), 98-111.

Zaccaro, S. J. & Torres, E. M. (2019). Leader social acuity skills. In M. Mumford (Ed.) Leader Thinking Skills: Capacities for 21st Century Leadership. Taylor and Francis.
Torres, E. M., Ehrhart, M. G., Beidas, R. S., Farahnak, L. R., Finn, N. K., & Aarons, G. A. (2018). Validation of the Implementation Leadership Scale (ILS) with supervisors’ self-ratings. Community Mental Health Journal, 54, 49-53.

Expanded Publication List

Please see Google Scholar site HERE for updated list of publications. 

Courses Taught

PSYC 467: Psychology of Working in Groups & Teams

PSYC 231: Social Psychology

PSYC 301: Research Methods Lab


B.S. in Psychology & B.B.A. in Management: Eastern Michigan University 

M.S. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology: San Diego State University

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