Nicole Strah

Nicole Strah

Nicole Strah

Postdoctoral Fellow

Nicole Strah is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at George Mason University. She graduated with a PhD from Purdue University’s Industrial-Organizational Psychology program in August 2021. Her research interests include diversity and inclusion, organizational justice perceptions, and the intersection between psychology and equal employment opportunity. She has published research on the topics of gender, disability status, organizational justice, corporate social responsibility, and strategies to optimize both performance and diversity goals within personnel selection. She also has applied experience working with organizations such as the Amazon Conservation Team and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  

Selected Publications

Strah, N., Rupp, D. E., & Morris, S. B. (in press). How job analysis and job classification can be used to mitigate pay injustice: Adjusting our methods within a shifting legal landscape. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.

Cropanzano, R. S., Strah, N., Rupp, D. E., & Cannon, J. A. (in press). Organizational justice research that was not “Thick as Brick:” Revisiting Greenberg (1990). In N.K. Steffens, F.A. Rink, & M.K. Ryan (Eds.), Organizational Psychology: Revisiting the Classic Studies. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Rupp*, D. E., Song*, Q. C., & Strah*, N. (2020). Resolution to the validity-diversity trade-off? Exploring the practicalities and legal defensibility of Pareto-optimization for reducing adverse impact within personnel selection. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 13(2), 246-271. *equal authorship.

Strah, N., Batz-Barbarich, C., & Rupp, D. E. (2020). Corporate social responsibility and  gender. In D. Haski-Leventhal, L. Roza, & S. Brammer (Eds.), Employee Engagement in  Corporate Social Responsibility. SAGE Publishing.

Graso, M., Camps, J., Strah, N., & Brebels, L. (2019). Organizational justice enactment: An agent-focused review and path forward, 116, 1-23 Journal of Vocational Behavior.

Santuzzi, A., Keating, R. T., Martinez, J., Finkelstein, L., Rupp, D. E., & Strah, N. (2019). Identity management strategies for workers with concealable disabilities: Antecedents and consequences. Journal of Social Issues, 75(3), 847-880.

Willness, C.R., Jones, D. A., Strah, N., & Rupp, D. E. (2019). Corporate social               responsibility at the individual level of analysis: Research findings that inform                responsible management “in the wild”. In O. Laasch, D. Jamali, E. Freeman, & R.      Suddaby, The Research Handbook of Responsible Management. Cheltenham: Edward    Elgar.