Getting Started

Mason IDs

After registering, each student is required to obtain a university photo identification card. It must be presented to use the library and is required for admission to university events, when using university facilities, and can be used as a debit-card at various food concessions and copy machines if Mason Money is added to the account. Questions may be directed to the Photo ID Office at (703) 993-1004. You can obtain your Mason ID in Student Union Building I, Lower Level. The University All Card Office has more information.

Mason E-mail

Students are required to activate and use their Mason e-mail account to obtain Psychology Department list-serve messages and to access the university mainframe computer and library. Only Mason e-mail accounts will be used for official university communication with students. For more information regarding access to your E-Mail visit the ITU Support Center.

Patriot Web

Patriot Web is Mason's Online registration system. In addition to registering for courses, students may print an unofficial transcript, view course offerings, check grades, obtain and make tuition payments, research holds and update personal information such as addresses and phone numbers. Please click on Patriot Web for more information on how to use this system. Questions or concerns regarding the use of Patriot Web should be directed to the Registrar's Office at (703) 993-2441.

Academic Calendar

Information on the academic calendar, including the first/last day of classes, exam schedule, reading days, university breaks, tuition due dates, and add/drop deadlines, as well as related policies can be found on the Registrar's web page top tab to the Academic Calendar.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar provides an array of services including maintaining accurate and secure records of all students' academic work; issuing transcripts; providing enrollment and degree verification; administering veterans' educational benefits, reviewing and enforcing domicile status; and providing individual student data and support information to the academic community. These services are provided within the confines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, as amended.

Tuition Waivers, Grants and Financial Aid

Students who are receiving tuition waivers, grants, or other financial aid may view their award in the "Financial Aid" section of Patriot Web.

Health Insurance/Student Health Services

George Mason University provides a variety of health insurance options for graduate students. For students who meet specific qualifications, premiums for the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan will be subsidized by the University. Students who do not qualify for the subsidy, may elect to purchase the policy and should contact Student Health Servicesregarding enrollment. The Student Health Services Office is available to all students at no or reduced fees. To determine eligibility for subsidized insurance, see the Provost's Office web page on Subsidized Graduate Health Insurance.

Student Wage/Hourly Employees

All student wage/hourly employees are required to use Direct Deposit and must submit a time sheet online in order to be paid. To set up Direct Deposit and record your hours, please visit Patriot Web and click on "Employee Services","Time sheets" (to enter your hours) and/or "Pay Information" (to enroll in direct deposit).


Each student is assigned a departmental mailbox. Doctoral student mailboxes are located in the hallway next to the Psychology Graduate Office in David King Hall. Faculty and Staff boxes are located in the copy room (DK 2001). MA mailboxes are located in the Physio Lab for Biopsychology, alongside the doctoral mailboxes for Developmental, The ARCH Lab for Human Factors, The Clinic for School Psychology and Robinson 211C for Industrial Organizational. Be sure to check the mailboxes periodically for any messages that might be left for you by faculty, staff, or students. Please be aware that student mailboxes are not secured, so use caution in what you place in them.


Parking decals may be purchased in person in the Parking Services Office located in the Shenandoah Parking Deck, or via the Parking Services website. You will need a G-Card to purchase parking passes in person. Handicapped parking permits are available in the Parking Services Office. Parking registration information is also mailed to students several weeks before the start of the fall semester. For more information contact Parking Services.