Industrial / Organizational Psychology
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Masters students can apply for part-time internships starting their first semester.

After their fourth year, PhD students can also hold internships.

All I/O graduate students are welcome to participate in our Volunteer Program Assessment (VPA) association. VPA grants students with an applied opportunity to learn and practice consulting with non-profit organizations.


To learn more and apply to VPA, please reach out to our student coordinator


Here are some of the companies and positions where our current Masters and PhD interns are working:

American Institutes for Research (AIR) 

-Research Associate Intern

Army Research Institute (ARI) 

-Consortium Research Fellow


-Talent Management

C2 Technologies

-Research Assistant

FMP Consulting

-Human Capital Intern

Fors Marsh Group 

       -Research Intern

GMU Human Resources

-Graduate HR Metrics and Project Assistant

Human Resources Research Organization (HUMRRO)

-Research Associate Intern

National Science Foundation

-Student Trainee

Society for Human Resources Management

-Research Assistant 

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