• Afra Saeed Ahmad

    Afra Saeed Ahmad

    Assistant Professor

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Diversity & inclusion in the workplace

  • John Aitken

    John Aitken

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Balca Alaybek

    Balca Alaybek

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    individual differences in judgment and decision-making, work-nonwork decision-making, decision biases, job performance, situational influences


  • Louis C Buffardi

    Louis C Buffardi

    Emeritus Faculty

    Work and family issues, human error, individual differences.


  • Lauren N. P. Campbell

    Lauren N. P. Campbell

    Graduate Research Assistant

    multiteam systems (MTSs), team dynamics, leadership, leadership development

  • Tiancheng Chen

    Tiancheng Chen

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Organizational climate, teams, leadership, and training.

  • Lydia Craig

    Lydia Craig

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Employee well-being, career decision-making, friendship, leisure


  • Reeshad S. Dalal

    Reeshad S. Dalal

    Associate Professor

    Job performance, judgment and decision-making, work situations, personality, job attitudes and job-related mood/emotions, and psychological approaches to the study of cybersecurity.

  • Samantha Dubrow

    Samantha Dubrow

    Graduate Research Assistant

    teams, multiteam systems, team science, social network analysis, healthcare, emergency response


  • Alexander Fernandes

    Alexander Fernandes

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Game-based assessment, fake resistant non-cognitive measures, and leadership.

  • Laura Fletcher

    Laura Fletcher

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Industrial-Organizational Psychology: cross-cultural issues, teams dynamics, networks, communication / information sharing

  • Shea Fyffe

    Shea Fyffe

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Game-Based Assessment, Gamification, Applied Psychometrics, Item Response Theory, Non-cognitive Assessment, and Statistical Programming



  • Amber K Hargrove

    Amber K Hargrove

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Employee well-being, emotions at work, job attitudes, within-person and qualitative methodologies, and individual and team performance in teams and multi-team systems


  • Seth Kaplan

    Seth Kaplan

    Associate Professor

    Employee well-being; Emotions at work; Job attitudes; personality; Individual and team performance in crises and extreme environments; flexible work arrangements; telework; metaperceptions; measurement and statistical issues

  • Richard J. Klimoski

    Richard J. Klimoski


    Effective management of teams; Strengthening the human side of work organizations.

  • MaryJo A Kolze

    MaryJo A Kolze

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Leadership development, Leader identity, Systems thinking, Cross-Cultural psychology, Well-being

  • Lauren E. Kuykendall

    Lauren E. Kuykendall

    Assistant Professor

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Worker well-being; worker health; work-life issues; leisure; emotions; positive worker characteristics; work stress and stress management; gender and well-being.


  • Kate Ashley LaPort

    Kate Ashley LaPort

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Philseok Lee

    Philseok Lee

    Assistant Professor

    Psychometrics, Faking Issues in personnel selection, Personality and individual differences, Non-cognitive assessments development, technology-based assessments (e.g., game-based assessments) in I/O

  • Xue Lei

    Xue Lei

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Work motivation,emotions,employee well-being,occupational health psychology, and research methods


  • Hannah M Markell

    Hannah M Markell

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Industrial Organizational Psychology: Methodology, Work-family, Discrimination, Statistical Analyses


  • Dana M Roy
  • Deborah E. Rupp

    Deborah E. Rupp


    - Workplace Bias and Employment-Related Legal Issues - Organizational Justice, Behavioral Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Humanitarian Work Psychology - Emotions in the Workplace, Emotional Labor - The Assessment Center Method, Technology in Assessment, Legal Issues in Assessment - Cross-Cultural Issues Related to Workplace Justice and Assessment - The Science of Organizational Science, Research Ethics, and Integrity


  • Daniel B Shore

    Daniel B Shore

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Statistical and Meta Analysis, Teams, Leadership, Job Performance, Rewards and Motivation, and Decision Making.

  • Michael Shulman

    Michael Shulman

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Teams, Multi Team Systems, Leadership

  • Melissa Stiksma

    Melissa Stiksma

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Well-being, worker well-being, curiosity, work-life balance,

  • Sarah Sultzer

    Sarah Sultzer

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Employee Satisfaction, Work Motivation, Recruitment


  • Lois E Tetrick

    Lois E Tetrick

    University Professor

    Occupational health psychology including stress, work-family, and safety; the employee-organization relationship including psychological contracts, social exchange theory, and the norm of reciprocity; organizational climate and culture; innovation and creativity; positive aging and retirement transitions; cross-cultural aspects of industrial organizational psychology.

  • Rebecca Jean Thompson

    Rebecca Jean Thompson

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Elisa M Torres

    Elisa M Torres

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Industrial and Organizational Psychology: leadership, team dynamics, and multiteam systems (MTSs)



  • Stephen Zaccaro

    Stephen Zaccaro


    Steve has directed (or co-directed) funded research projects in the areas of multiteam systems, cyber security incident response teams, team performance, team mental models, leader-team interfaces, leadership training and development, leader adaptability, and executive coaching.

  • Sarah Zarsky

    Sarah Zarsky

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Steven Zhou

    Steven Zhou

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Leadership development, team leadership, motivation, education

  • Ze Zhu

    Ze Zhu

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Well-being, leisure, recovery, counterproductive work behaviors