• Yasmeen Afsar

    Yasmeen Afsar

    Leadership, Selection, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Natalia Aguilar
  • Afra Saeed Ahmad

    Afra Saeed Ahmad

    Assistant Professor

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Diversity & inclusion in the workplace

  • John A. Aitken

    John A. Aitken

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Within-person research, emotion, situational influences, telework, and performance




  • Reeshad S. Dalal

    Reeshad S. Dalal


    Job performance, judgment and decision-making, work situations, personality, job attitudes and job-related mood/emotions, and psychological approaches to the study of cybersecurity.

  • Quyen Dang
  • Samantha Dubrow

    Samantha Dubrow

    Graduate Research Assistant

    teams, multiteam systems, team science, social network analysis, healthcare, emergency response


  • Emily Flynt
  • Shea Fyffe

    Shea Fyffe

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Game-Based Assessment, Gamification, Applied Psychometrics, Item Response Theory, Non-cognitive Assessment, Machine Learning, and Statistical Programming (predominantly in R)


  • Xiang Gao

    Xiang Gao

    Personnel Selection, Work Family Balance, Cross-cultural Issues, Leadership



  • Zihao Jia

    Zihao Jia

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Natalie Johnson

    Natalie Johnson

    Diversity in the workplace, Cross-cultural management, Employee well-being


  • Seth Kaplan

    Seth Kaplan


    Employee well-being; Emotions at work; Job attitudes; personality; Individual and team performance in crises and extreme environments; flexible work arrangements; telework; metaperceptions; measurement and statistical issues

  • Quinn Keegan

    Quinn Keegan

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Heekyung Kim

    Heekyung Kim

    * leadership *motivation *benefits of work *mental health *paid leaves

  • JeongJin Kim

    JeongJin Kim

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Employee well-being, contextual performance, person-situation interaction, individual differences, job attitude & affect, calling, and work meaningfulness

  • Richard J. Klimoski

    Richard J. Klimoski


    Effective management of teams; Strengthening the human side of work organizations.

  • Matthew Klocke
  • MaryJo A Kolze

    MaryJo A Kolze

    Leadership development, Leader identity, Systems thinking, Cross-Cultural psychology, Well-being

  • Yoori Koo

    Yoori Koo

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Game-based assessment, Personnel Selection, Training

  • Breanne C Kroehler

    Breanne C Kroehler

    Human Rights in East and South East Asia with a focus on Human Trafficking of Children, Refugees and Displaced populations. Community Development and Fair Trade. International Relations between China, Japan, and Korea. Intersectionality of Fair trade, Environmental Sustainability and Human Trafficking.

  • Lauren E. Kuykendall

    Lauren E. Kuykendall

    Assistant Professor

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Worker well-being; worker health; work-life issues; leisure; emotions; positive worker characteristics; work stress and stress management; gender and well-being.


  • Kate Ashley LaPort

    Kate Ashley LaPort

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Philseok Lee

    Philseok Lee

    Assistant Professor

    Psychometrics, Faking Issues in personnel selection, Personality and individual differences, Non-cognitive assessments development, technology-based assessments (e.g., game-based assessments) in I/O

  • Kevin Loo

    Kevin Loo

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Erin Lu

    Erin Lu

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Po Sheng Lu


  • Ivey McCartney

    Ivey McCartney

    Personnel selection, performance, and telework

  • Adrien McCulloch
  • Peter J. McEachern

    Peter J. McEachern

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    The employee-organization relationship, organizational justice and fairness perceptions, employee health and wellbeing

  • Mike McGraw

    Mike McGraw

    Leadership training and organizational efficiency.




  • Susan Ridley
  • Rachel Roessel
  • Alexis Roman
  • Deborah E. Rupp

    Deborah E. Rupp


    - Workplace Bias and Employment-Related Legal Issues - Organizational Justice, Behavioral Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Humanitarian Work Psychology - Emotions in the Workplace, Emotional Labor - The Assessment Center Method, Technology in Assessment, Legal Issues in Assessment - Cross-Cultural Issues Related to Workplace Justice and Assessment - The Science of Organizational Science, Research Ethics, and Integrity


  • Michael Shulman

    Michael Shulman

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Teams, Multi Team Systems, Leadership

  • Alan Soroka

    Alan Soroka

    Employee well-being Work-life balance Personnel Selection

  • Kevin Stagl

    Kevin Stagl

    Assistant Professor

    Kevin researches human performance, teamwork, multiteam performance, maximal performance, leadership, learning, and adaptation in high-stakes settings. He also studies the assessment, selection, training, and development practices and technology required to cultivate and sustain these phenomena.

  • Melissa Stiksma

    Melissa Stiksma

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Worker well-being, mental and physical health, research design and measurement

  • Sarah Sultzer

    Sarah Sultzer

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Employee Satisfaction, Work Motivation, Recruitment


  • Andrea Taylor
  • Lois E Tetrick

    Lois E Tetrick

    University Professor

    Occupational health psychology including stress, work-family, and safety; the employee-organization relationship including psychological contracts, social exchange theory, and the norm of reciprocity; organizational climate and culture; innovation and creativity; positive aging and retirement transitions; cross-cultural aspects of industrial organizational psychology.

  • Rebecca Jean Thompson

    Rebecca Jean Thompson

    Adjunct Faculty

    Occupational Health and Well-being; Work-family dynamics; Personality and Individual Differences

  • Pia Tomasello

    Pia Tomasello

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Elisa M Torres

    Elisa M Torres

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Industrial and Organizational Psychology: leadership, team dynamics, and multiteam systems (MTSs)

  • Ho-chun Tsai



  • David M Wallace

    David M Wallace

    Adjunct Faculty

    Leadership Leader Development Leadership Development Leader/ship Development Assessment Leader Coaching Organizational research and statistical methods in I/O Psychology

  • Deirdre Ward

    Deirdre Ward

    Are you in HFAC, ADP, or CBN? Do you need help with budget or accounting issues?

  • Carol Mindy Wong

    Carol Mindy Wong

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    job crafting, older workers, cross-cultural issues, well-being

  • Kristina Wright
  • Nianqi Wu

    Nianqi Wu

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Motivation, Job crafting, Performance, Measurements, Data analysis




  • Stephen Zaccaro

    Stephen Zaccaro


    Steve has directed (or co-directed) funded research projects in the areas of multiteam systems, cyber security incident response teams, team performance, team mental models, leader-team interfaces, leadership training and development, leader adaptability, and executive coaching.

  • Sarah Zarsky

    Sarah Zarsky

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Steven Zhou

    Steven Zhou

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Leadership development, team leadership, motivation, education

  • Ze Zhu

    Ze Zhu

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Well-being, leisure, recovery, counterproductive work behaviors