VPA Process



There are four main steps in the VPA process. To gain a deeper understanding of the overall process and the time commitment involved, please consult the brief outline provided below:

Step 1: The VPA process will start with an initial phone call from your consultant. This phone call will provide you and your consultant with the opportunity to discuss your organization, the VPA process, and a general timeline for completion of the VPA.

Step 2: After the initial conversation, you will be asked to fill out an online form with information about your organization. This information will help to familiarize the VPA consultant with your organization before helping to administer the VPA survey.

Step 3: Your VPA consultant will email you the VPA survey link. In addition to the survey link, your consultant will provide you with information on how to both administer the survey and communicate with your employees throughout the process. Online survey administration typically lasts for 2 weeks. For your volunteers’ convenience, while the survey is being administered they may access it from any computer at any time of day.

Step 4: Your VPA consultant will use the survey results to generate an executive report. Click here to view a sample report. This report will identify areas in which your organization is doing well and areas where improvements can be made. Your VPA consultant will walk you through the report, discussing best practices one-on-one with you. Following the one-on-one discussion of your report, your consultant will provide you with a current copy of the VPA Norms Report.