What is IOPSA?

IOPSA is the Industrial-Organizational Psychology Student Association at George Mason University (GMU).  Our purpose is to provide career development opportunities and to create a spirit of unity among students in the program.  We do this by serving three major roles for our students: 

First, IOPSA provides an opportunity for all students to get more involved with the program beyond the traditional responsibilities of classes and research.  This involvement helps students develop professional networks by interacting with older students, professors, alumni, and others outside the GMU "family."  It also helps students hone professional skills and gives them experience with "service" roles that they are likely to encounter in the future.

Second, IOPSA maintains our program’s outward interaction with the I-O community through The I/ON (our student-run newsletter), our annual SIOP reception, our website, and our listservs. 

Third, we have fun!  In fact, we have an entire board position dedicated to regularly organizing happy hours, parties, and other social events. 


What does IOPSA do?

 A lot!  Among other things, we:

  • Manage the IOPSA Mentor/Mentee Program
  • Organize the Annual Fall Picnic
  • Hold regular social events throughout the year
  • Publish The I/ON, our program newsletter
  • Arrange weekly Brown Bags
  • Organize GMU’s Annual SIOP Reception
  • Maintain our program listservs
  • Fundraise to support IOPSA initiatives
  • Maintain alumni relations


Who are the IOPSA board members and what do they do?

IOPSA board members are also I-O graduate students.  As board members, they are responsible for voting on IOPSA decisions and for managing specific IOPSA activities.  If you would like more information about specific board position responsibilities, just contact a current IOPSA board member.  We are always happy to answer questions for new or prospective students.


How do I become an IOPSA board member?

IOPSA board elections are held each spring.  Board members serve for one year, and candidates must be completing at least their first year to be eligible for nomination.  Board candidates can be nominated by themselves or by other IOPSA members.  Student can also be nominated for more than one board position (however, students cannot hold more than one board position).  Candidates then indicate the positions for which they wish to be considered.  After candidate interest has been determined, one candidate for each position is voted in by the current IOPSA officers.