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Our primary goal is community outreach and service, which supports the mission of our University.  We also have researchers in the Organizational program who are interested in topics related to volunteers and volunteer management.  In the future, the data we collect can be used in academic research outlets to inform volunteer management.  If we were to use the surveys in research, we would remove any and all identifiers of the specific organizations that participated in VPA.

  • What is Volunteer Program Assessment? 

The Volunteer Program Assessment (VPA) is a pro-bono consulting project that provides appraisals of volunteer programs to nonprofit organizations. VPA allows non-profits the opportunity to access typically expensive program appraisal services at no charge.

  • Who are we?

VPA is run by a group of Industrial-Organizational psychology graduate students under the guidance of a faculty member within George Mason University who are passionate about giving back to the community.

  • How does VPA work?

Our graduate student consultants survey volunteer staff about their experiences working within the organization. We use a structured, online survey to evaluate various volunteer dynamics, including volunteers’ attitudes and reactions to the program, and their intent to continue volunteering. The end result is a comprehensive report and presentation that summarize the survey results and outlines strategic recommendations for program improvement.

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