Program Overview



The Volunteer Program Assessment (VPA) is a cutting-edge, innovative, and completely free volunteer assessment system for nonprofits. Designed to promote organizational effectiveness, VPA consultants work with volunteer coordinators to develop online surveys to administer to their volunteers. The survey provides information on individual and organizational outcomes such as employee satisfaction, burnout, communication, and commitment. The survey also evaluates volunteer perceptions regarding the nonprofit’s greatest strengths and weaknesses. VPA consultants provide guidance to volunteer coordinators every step of the way, maintaining a tentative timeline and helping to interpret the survey results. VPA consultants then present tailored recommendations for improvement to volunteer coordinators and a comprehensive report with findings from the survey.

VPA was initially developed as a partnership between the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and the Humane Society of the United States. VPA at George Mason University is run by industrial-organizational psychology graduate students and faculty who are passionate about giving back to the community.


VPA Team

Dr. Reeshad Dalal, Faculty Advisor


Current Executive Board (May 2023 - May 2024)
Morgan Young, Director
Julie Jasewicz, Co-Director
Shelby Joseph, Client Outreach Coordinator

Matthew Hailemariam, Training and Development Coordinator

Virginia Cheng, Engagement Coordinator


Senior Consultants

Juliana Freire (

Elizabeth Chimento (

Nicole Aranda (

Katelyn Campbell (

Steven Zhou (

Ami Patel (

Julia Baines (

Aidan Suttlehan (

Annie Nottingham (

Georgia Bizzell (

Julia Woods (


Junior Consultants

Mary Castle (

Lilian O'Sullivan (

Aimee Durrance (

Julie Jasewicz (

Eugene Son (

Amy Lawrence (

Morgan Young (

Miranda Batte-Futrell (

Niamh Harrop (

Tahshon Reese (

Nikeeya Marshall (

Hanna Haile (

Maria Elena De la Flor Musso (

Shelby Joseph (

Hatisha Mehta (

Maggie Harrington (

Virginia Cheng (

Prashamsa Pandey (

Matthew Hailemariam (

Avani Singh (