Jessie Aileen Cannon

Jessie Aileen Cannon

Jessie Aileen Cannon

Graduate Research Assistant

Leadership, Multiteam systems, organizational culture, legal issues in HR

I am currently working under Dr. Steve Zaccaro, co-leading a team conducting research on leadership in children's media, and writing a conceptual review on the relationship between child development and leadership development and emergence. I also am part of a team working with the Army Research Institute to validate a model of leadership requirements, identify assessments of leadership skills at different levels, and develop a feedback protocol and developmental guides.

I also work as a research assistant with Dr. Deborah Rupp, editing her book on discrimination in the workplace from a legal perspective. I have also helped to conduct an EEOC barrier analysis for the National Park Service, providing data-driven recommendations.

As a native Seattleite, I’ve spent most of my life on the West Coast, receiving my bachelor’s in Psychology from Whitworth University in Eastern Washington and a Master’s in I-O Psychology from Seattle Pacific University.

I took three years off between undergraduate studies and the Master’s program, working with Amazon as a technical recruiter. Originally, I had not intended to study IO Psychology, but was drawn to it when I realized I spent more time thinking about the effects of leadership styles on our team dynamics than I did thinking about my actual work!

Through the Master’s program at Seattle Pacific I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of Seattle businesses including the Gates Foundation, VillageReach, a global nonprofit, and Trident Seafoods. I’ve worked on teams and individually to consult on business strategy, team dynamics, and organizational culture and change management. 


B.A. Psychology, Whitworth University

M.A. Industrial Organizational Psychology, Seattle Pacific University