Peter J. McEachern

Peter J. McEachern

Peter J. McEachern

Graduate Research Assistant

The employee-organization relationship; meaningful and meaningless work; work-related ideologies; the work/nonwork interface; worker health and wellbeing; anti-work; organized labor; political psychology

Peter (Pete) McEachern is a first year PhD student in George Mason University's I/O Psychology program. His diverse research interests center on helping people relate to their work in healthier ways, with particular interests in the work/nonwork interface, meaningful and meaningless work, career development and decision making, and organized labor and other means of collective resistance. Much of his research is inspired by anti-work philosophy, which holds that most problems with work stem from its undemocratic, coercive aspects.

During breaks, Pete often travels back home to Connecticut to play saxophone with his band, JULAI and the Serotones. Their debut, self-titled album is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Selected Publications

McEachern, P. J., & McEachern, R. W. (in press). Should we teach students how to bullshit?. Writing and Pedagogy.

McEachern, P. J., & Kuykendall, L. E. (2021). Industrial, organizational, political? Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 14(4), 600-604.

McEachern, P. J., & Budnick, C. J. (2020). Socioeconomic differences in worker involvement in labor union activities. The Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research, 25(3), 278-290. [for full text, scroll down to the article abstract and click on the title]

Grants and Fellowships

Southern Connecticut State University Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship - Summer 2019

Courses Taught

As Instructor of Record:
PSYC 333 Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Spring 2023)

As Lab/Recitation Instructor:
MGMT 303 Principles of Management
PSYC 301 Research Methods


M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology, George Mason University (2022)

B.S. Applied Psychology, Southern Connecticut State University (2019)

Recent Presentations

McEachern, P. J., Howard, Z., & Kuykendall, L. E. (2022, April). Identity, agency, and employee reactions to management of meaning. Poster to be presented at the 36th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Seattle, WA, United States.

Zhou, S., McEachern, P. J., Aitken, J. A., & Lee, P. (2022, April). Are we attracting the right candidates? A text analysis approach to understanding the applicability of O*NET in job advertising. In Putting the O*NET to Good Use: A Critical Evaluation of the Use and Misuse of O*NET. Symposium presentation at the 36th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Seattle, WA, United States.

McEachern, P. J., & Kuykendall, L. E. (2021, November). Management of meaning, the employment relationship, and worker wellbeing: Test of a model. Poster presented at the 2021 Work, Stress, and Health Conference (virtual).

McEachern, R. W., & McEachern, P. J. (2021, October). Should we teach students how to bullshit? Allowing students to fit into a speech community, engage in day-to-day interaction, and bolster their image and identity. Panel presentation at Bridging the Gap between Workplace Writing and Professional Writing Instruction- New Directions in Business and Technical Writing Pedagogy (virtual).

Zhou, S., Cannon, J. A., McEachern, P. J., Zaccaro, S., & Lee, P. (2021, April). A process-pattern model of personality and leader behaviors across gender and level. Poster presented at the 35th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (virtual).