Faculty Labs

Research is a core part of the PhD and Master's program at GMU; our labs have a collaborative research culture.

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Deborah Rupp

Dr. Deborah Rupp

Dr. Rupp's research focuses on the following areas: (1) workplace bias and employment-related legal issues, (2) organizational justice, behavioral ethics, corporate social responsibility, and humanitarian work psychology, (3) emotions in the workplace and emotional labor, (4) the assessment center method, technology in assessment, and legal issues in assessment, (5) cross-cultural issues related to workplace justice and assessment, and (6) the science of organizational science, research ethics, and integrity.


Reeshad S. Dalal

Dr. Reeshad Dalal

Dr. Dalal and his research group work primarily on projects in the following areas: (1) employee performance (primarily counterproductive/deviant and citizenship behavior), (2) job attitudes and mood/emotions, (3) the impact of situations (both directly and in conjunction with personality) on performance, and (4) decision-making (primarily advice-taking processes and individual decision-making competence).


Dr. Seth Kaplan

Dr. Kaplan's lab primarily investigates the subjective experience of working and the related area of employee well-being. Specific topics include: affect/emotions at work, positive psychology in the workplace, individual differences, job attitudes, job stress, meaning at work, and workplace well-being interventions. In addition to this focus, the lab also studies team functioning and effectiveness in nonroutine and extreme environments such as nuclear power plant control rooms and mine rescue. Also, the lab explores methodological and statistical topics as well as flexible work arrangements such as telework.


Dr. Lauren Kuykendall 

Dr. Kuykendall's research focuses on understanding the activities and malleable characteristics that promote worker well-being. The primary focus of her current research is understanding when and how leisure activities promote worker well-being. Two current projects involve analysis of what goes into optimizing leisure time and how to make effective work-life decisions. 


Phil LeeDr. Phil Lee

Dr. Philseok Lee is very excited about joining George Mason IO program as an assistant professor in Fall 2018! Dr. Lee received his Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from University of South Florida in 2016. His research focuses on (1) developments and applications of various psychological measurement models (i.e., item response theory, multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, factor mixture modeling, longitudinal analysis, etc.) to the practical problems of industrial and organizational settings, (2) faking issues in personnel selection, and (3) development of personnel assessments. He is very interested in taking new students for Fall 2018.


Dr. Steve Zaccaro 

The primary research interests in the "Z-Group" include leadership, teamwork, and adaptability. Past lab studies have investigated the role of feedback and variability in fostering team adaptability, in addition to the role of leadership in promoting adaptability. Field projects have included topics such as leader self-development, developmental work assignments, and leader adaptability. 


In addition, our students have the opportunity to work with Dr. Rich Klimoski, a former member of the I/O program and currently a faculty member at Mason's School of Business.
Dr. Klimoski's webpage can be found here